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Kuala Lumpur Short Trip|2/3 : KL Trip & Wedding Dinner


Thank you all for brought us around

3rd round for foods!Haha this time I ate a little. I think my tummy needs sometime to rest. So this time we met at Poppo Kitchen nearby Leisure Mall at Taman Segar area. We met Leong and Winnie here. We came here not because we were hungry but to accompany Leong for brunch.


Half boiled eggs and Carrot Milk were chosen by me. Why? Because I missed them so much! It feels different if I eat these in KL :p Well since I did not eat here, I did not take any food photos here. But Poppo Kitchen serves local foods and Indian foods.

After that, Leong and Winnie brought us around central Kuala Lumpur and KLCC. I suggested to come here because Mr.F never been here before. Well, he went to Malaysia once but it was a very long time ago.


City Park behind KLCC


After around 2 hours walked around inside outside KLCC, we went back to KS house to prepare for Suew Yeng’s wedding tonight.



Happy wedding to Suew Yeng & Sam!!


You know why I willingly to come so far away from Jakarta to KL only for the wedding moment? Because this is the only time I can meet and gather with all of them. I missed them so much that I’m so happy just to see them. As time flies, people tend to be ‘busy’ to meet each other which means all about priorities. But I’m so happy that they were willing to purposely come and gather in one place to meet me! Cherish them so much ❤


Copy this from my instagram because I think I lost it 😥


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Singapore Short Trip|Day 2/2 : Future World Exhibition

Left the bed by 7AM, had shower & quick bite (the cheese puff near Chinatown MRT station was delicious!) we rushed to Marina Bay Sands to catch the first session of Future World. Well, we arrived earlier than we expected. So we killed our time by exploring Marina Bay Sands. As we are working in construction field, we automatically exploring & studying the building structure (LOL). We had a light discussions about the structure, design, etc while strolling inside the building. 😀

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Ennichisai 2016


Konnichiwa! XD

Finally the annual Ennichisai at Blok M was held! It was held on 14 – 15 May 2016. ‘Miracle Power of Love‘ was the slogan for Ennichisai 2016.

What is Ennichisai?

A yearly festival (matsuri) for Japanese culinary, Japan traditional & modern art and culture held at Blok M, South Jakarta since 2010. The festival organized by Blok M Estate Management and Ennichisai Blok M team. There are around 150 stalls that provides food and beverage also merchandise about japan. It attracts up to 200,000 visitors every year.

What is happening in Ennichisai?

FOOODDDSS every where! Takoyaki, yakisoba, kakigouri, taiyaki, ramen, udon, dorayaki, etc. Buutttt! The most interesting is ringo ame. It’s a caramelized apple with stick. It’s so yummy while it’s warm. I tried it last year. 😀 Yum yum~ There are some japan products too like Pocari Sweat, Calpico, etc. Continue reading

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The 18th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair a.k.a INACRAFT is one of the biggest annual trade fair in Jakarta. The event was held by the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI) with the purpose to improve & introduce Indonesian handicraft to local consumer & overseas. It was started from 20 – 24 April 2016 (sorry for the late post). I came on the last day, hoping to get clearance sale price :p

The 18th INACRAFT 2016 theme was The Splendor of Minangkabau, carrying rich cultural heritage of West Indonesia. Minangkabau is one of the area in West Sumatera.


West Sumatera

Before the entrance, there was a photobooth area with the traditional Minangkabau house image also with 2 images of ladies with traditional dress. Mom requested me to take photos of her :p

I brought her here because this is her favorite thing and she was excited about it. 🙂

There are so many booths inside! From Batiks to seashells handicraft from all over Indonesia and some overseas countries. But I’ll let you peek some of them.

Cute rattan handicraft ideas for storage, bag, decoration

Miniatures of traditional stalls

Miniatures of food cart


Miniature magnets of snacks & cigars

Antique Store!!! *o*

Some recycled stuff


Batik Jeans, this one is unique!

Spend half day inside the expo caused my legs exhausted 😦 See you in next post.