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Bandung |1/5 : Bandung here we come!


Finally me and Mr.F had a trip again after we worked so hard last year for project opening. So, first week of January we depart to a big city, almost like Jakarta. But not as hot as Jakarta. It is because Bandung is a highland city.

We decided to have train as our transportation to Bandung, you know, because it’s still in the Christmas – New Year vacation period. So we expected by shuttle or bus or car would suffer from traffic jam. Another reason is Mr. F never go out-of-town by train before.

We had ‘Argo Parahyangan’ executive class train for our trip which departed from Gambir Station. Gambir station is the main train station in Jakarta that is used if we want to go out-of-town. If you’d like to have cheaper train price, you could go from Senen Station with economy class train. But I think there are not so huge different between executive and economy class. If I’m not forgotten it costs around Rp 120,000 / pax (we bought from Well it depends with the time of departure too. Just like your flight tickets and your destination.

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Bali | 2/4 : Wedding Dinner


St Regis Bali

St Regis Bali became famous this year because this hotel was chosen by United Arab Emirates king, King Salman bin Abdulaziz as a place to stay last March. He booked the whole hotel only for him & his entourage.

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Stay | VOUK Hotel & Suites


The Lobby

So here we are arriving in the Vouk Hotel & Suites. Our cousin was provided this hotel rooms for us as a two-night place to stay. The wedding organizer was there waiting for us to come to the hotel, so she can check who has arrived and which room is occupied. She told us too about the timeline for tomorrow’s wedding dinner. The wedding dinner will be held at St. Regis Bali Resort not too far from here.

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Kyoto Station

Hello Kyoto!

Arrived at Kyoto station by 6.14AM in the morning. We were earlier than the sunrise. :p It was very dark, luckily the train had started to operate by that time. There were only some early riser that already waiting for the train to come.

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Japan | 3/14 : Kyoto Station to Shimoshinjo

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Stay| Capsule by Container Hotel, KLIA2


Entrance & Concierge

Hello guys! As promised, I will talk about the Capsule by Container Hotel at KLIA2. This was my experience when I had solo trip. Well not literally solo, but again I came to Malaysia to attend friend’s wedding at Tawau (will share to you guys next chance :D)

I never experience capsule hotel before this. You know, Japan was the first country who introduced this kind of all-in-one compact hotel. So when I know that Malaysia, to be exact in KLIA 2, I directly booked for a 6-hour overnight when I had another trip to Malaysia. Woohoo! This should be fun, I thought! 😀

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