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Winter, the coldest season of the year and also has shorter daytime. As the sun goes down and the sky gets darker, the temperature is getting colder. Everybody starts to leave Kiyomizu-dera as it closed at 6PM.

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Japan | 4/14 : Kiyomizu-dera (II)

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Eat|Benedict, Grand Indonesia

After sometime, finally me & Mr. F have a proper time for Saturday Date 😀 We went to Grand Indonesia purposely to visit Benedict upon my request because they provide Martabak Pancake during August.


We were lucky that the place not very crowded when we arrived. So we can choose place to sit. We took sometime to choose what to eat since every menu looks tempting.

Since it’s our brunch, I decided to have egg benedict from the menu. They have lots of selection to choose! Classic, Pulled Chicken, Mexican, Florentine, Pork Belly and Japanese Benedict. Their best seller are Classic, Pork Belly and Japanese Benedict. Mr. F had Honey Mustard Crusted Pork Belly and Japanese Benedict for me.


Honey Mustard Crusted Pork Belly




Japanese Benedict


Love the egg yolk

Honey Mustard Crusted Pork Belly | IDR 80,000 Soft scrambled egg, roasted king oyster, sliced apples, crouton, broken juice. It was so delicious! Mr. F rarely eat pork, but this is an exception. He has no regret choosing this meal. The sauce was juicy which compliment the soft pork belly.

Japanese Benedict | IDR 80,000 Poached eggs, shiitake rice, chicken hamburg sautéed horenso. dynamite hollandaise, side salad. The combination compliment each layer. The poached eggs were cooked like what I expected and the shiitake rice matched with hamburg and sautéed horenso. We were happy with the dishes. 🙂

Then we continue with the desserts. Martabak Pancake and Durian Ice Cream!


Durian Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream | IDR 35,000 the durian ice cream topped with black sticky rice, durian paste  below (original) and peanut crunch. Again, Mr. F was happy with this! Well, we rarely found places that served durian ice cream with the real durian fruit. Usually it already blend to become an ice cream. 🙂 Totally deserved 4 thumbs!



Martabak Pancake

Martabak Pancake | IDR 65,000 nutella, cheddar cheese, almond crunch, condensed milk. The waiter served & grated the cheese when they brought our martabak pancake. Well, this was the first time for us treated like this. 😀 The martabak pancake was delicious, for me the sweetness was perfect, not too sweet. But for him, it was too sweet but still acceptable. I love nutella and cheese together. Yummy!


The other side inside Benedict


AH! I ordered the Ice Peppermint Tea and it was refreshing! The not too sweet and the peppermint was very dominant. 🙂 Will come again for sure.



Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, East Mall LG.
Jl M.H Thamrin. Central Jakarta.
+62 235 81 238
10AM – 10PM







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Eat | Thai I love You!


Main Wall in the Restaurant

The other day I tried this new Thai restaurant in town. Dad, mom & lil sis picked me up from work so dad decided to have family dinner nearby. It’s been so long since we had family dinner. I was grateful that we had the chance to dine together.

This was the second time I ate here, first time came here with Mr. F on New Year’s day. My sis told me that she just realized she never had Thai food before. So I let her choose the meals.


Red Curry (Gang Pet)


White Rice


Omelette w/ Crab Meat


Kailan with Beef (Neua Pad Kanar Naman)

The Omelette w/ Crab meat was delicious! Can’t get enough of it. The sweetness from the crab was dominant because the meat mixed inside the egg mixture. They put some crab meat as garnish on top.

Kailan with Beef was fresh & crunchy, which I love to eat veggie that way. The beef was soft and juicy.

The famous Red Curry w/chicken, chosen by Dad, was tasty. It was creamy & rich of spices because there was basil leaves inside to enrich the curry flavor.

The last was Clear Soup (Gang Jued Tao Huu Orn), ordered by Mom, I didn’t took photo for this. It was clear soup with glass noodle come with minced chicken ball, mushroom and garlic. The soup is great to warm your body during rainy season, in my opinion. The chicken ball was delicious! It was a lot & enough for 4 of us.

Overall, it was great to dine here. The place is comfortable & cozy, the waiters was friendly & helpful and the food was delicious. Even dad ordered another bowl of rice. :0


Thai I love You

AEON Mall BSD,Ground Floor (Opposite Krispy Kreme)